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Welcome to Vancouver’s Smile City Square Dental Enriching Lives. One Smile at a Time.

Vancouver’s Smile City Square Dental is dedicated to transforming, improving and enriching your life – today, tomorrow and into your vibrant future. Our cosmetic and general dentistry solutions are designed to fit your unique needs and lifestyle goals, while exceeding your expectations of comfort, care, convenience and results.

When we are not able to fully express how we feel, show our joy and encouragement through smiling, this disconnection can lead to stress in our lives. Dr. Kelvin Mah has met so many patients who are so self-conscious about their smiles that they either won’t smile or will hide their smile, even when they are feeling happy. They are then frustrated when others perceive them as being withdrawn, depressed or even angry.

Our smile sends out one of the most powerful messages to others. What does your smile say about you?

Smile Transformations

At Smile City Square Dental, each of our patients are unique, and have personal needs, goals and aspirations. And our job is to use our expertise, skill and vision to bring to our unique patients all of the transformative possibilities that modern dentistry has to offer.

Greg’s Smile Transformation
Nicole’s Smile Transformation
David’s Smile Transformation
Ken’s Smile Transformation
Cedric’s Smile Transformation
Glen’s Smile Transformation
Gary’s Smile Transformation
Jessica’s Smile Transformation
Edmund’s Smile Transformation
Aidan’s Smile Transformation