Our Clinic

Our contemporary office space is designed to have a warm inviting environment for our patients

Our Clinic

Interior Design

Over 10 years ago, we transformed this unique heritage space that was bare concrete, 4 walls, and a 40-foot ceiling into a contemporary office with a warm inviting environment for our patients.


This beautiful archway was inspired by a Japanese Torii gate and marks the transition between the present and a future potential. This is really what our mission is about— “Enriching lives, one smile at a time”. 

The beautiful hanging mobiles help utilize the high ceilings in the room and gives something interesting and calming to look at for long periods of time.

Medical Grade

Pura Air Purification Technology

You’re invited to come breathe in some of the cleanest air in Vancouver! To maintain the safety of our team and our patients, we’ve introduced the Pura Air™ Purification Technology to sterilize the air in our clinic while we take care of your oral health. With UV and medical grade HEPA air filtration, 99.9% of nano particles, bacteria, spores, molds, and viruses, like COVID-19, are constantly being removed and filtered out. This level of air filtration is not mandated by local health authorities, but it is mandated by our commitment to my team and you.