Dr. Kelvin Mah’s Smile Transformations

Greg’s Smile Transformation

After getting some general dental work done, Greg took some time to think about improving his uneven smile. Armed with preliminary information and gently guided by his wife... (more)

Nicole’s Smile Transformation

Like so many of my patients who are planning to march down the aisle, Nicole was both excited about her big day, and anxious about the state of... (more)

David’s Smile Transformation

David is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever known with an “okay smile.” He deserved a brilliant smile that aligned perfectly with the upward progression of his life;... (more)

Ken’s Smile Transformation

As a lawyer practising in the area of high-conflict family law, Ken’s smile is seen not only by his clients, but by judges, opposing counsel and their clients,... (more)

Cedric’s Smile Transformation

Cedric works with Delta Airlines as a customer service representative at the airport, so he’s got a great personality. The thing is, Cedric didn’t have any noticeable issues... (more)

Glen’s Smile Transformation

Glen became a patient after receiving poor dental work in the past. Read this article to discover the solutions we came up with to give him the smile he’d... (more)

Gary’s Smile Transformation

Gary is one of the most illuminating people I’ve ever met, and that’s a view shared by many! He felt that the flaws in his smile had to... (more)

Jessica’s Smile Transformation

While Jessica didn’t hate her smile, she wasn’t thrilled about it, either. For years, she had always felt that there was “something missing” in her smile – something... (more)

Edmund’s Smile Transformation

Edmund had been searching for the last 20 years to make his consistently good oral hygiene show through in his smile and he’d finally found it with Dr. Mah!... (more)

Aidan’s Smile Transformation

As a former flight attendant, Aidan understood the importance of outward appearance for clientele but now that she was a new mother, it also came to light how... (more)