Joe Tian

Registered Dental Hygienist


Dentistry intrigued Joe at a young age due to its highly technical, yet personal nature, where you not only provide care that maintains core functions that nourishes the human body, but also reduces pain and provides relief to others no other healthcare profession could. Growing up, he wanted a career where he can compassionately help others and make a meaningful improvement in their lives; and as a Dental Hygienist, working to improve the lives of our patients with Dr. Mah and his incredible team, motivates him to pursue learning, and providing the highest quality of care in his capacity.


Working in dentistry gave Joe an avenue to meet many incredible individuals that helped broaden his vision and enrich both his professional and personal life. He is currently president of a dental hygiene study club and also helps mentor dental hygiene students at UBC’s dental hygiene program as a clinical instructor. In his spare time, he likes to connect with nature by going on hikes, capture precious moments with photography, and recently joined the Canadian Ski Patrol. Joe also likes to cosplay in giant animal costumes.


University of British Columbia, Dental Science (BDSc)


Dental Hygiene

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