Medical Grade Air Purification at our Vancouver Dental Clinic

We protect your oral health


At Smile City Square Dental, it is our Mission to Transform Lives, One Smile at a Time.

At our Vancouver Dental Clinic we’ve just added a Breath of Fresh Air in support of our Mission. Watch the video below where Dr. Kelvin Mah tells you all about it.

We’ve invested in brand new medical grade HEPA air filtration technology (Watch the CTV News about the technology) that will purify the air in our Vancouver dental clinic while we take care of your oral health.

Smile City Square Dental takes Vancouver’s fresh air and purifies it even more, using scientifically proven Pura Air™ Filtration Technology to sterilize our air with UV-C light while filtering out 99.9% of the nano-particles, viruses, spores, molds, and bacteria.

That includes removing and killing the COVID-19 Coronavirus, influenza, and other airborne viruses.

Keeping you safe with Pure Clean Air during and after the COVID pandemic – the latest reason to choose Smile City Square Dental!