Our goal is to establish a lifelong partnership with our patients by fully understanding not just their needs but their wants

What Our Patients
Say About Us

“I’ve been a patient here for five years, and I really love Doctor Kelvin. He is a perfectionist, and I love the fact that he spends a lot of time with his clients – he’s never rushed, he doesn’t make you feel like you’re just a number, he just really cares about you.”
National Sales Director
“My first impression of the office? It’s like a spa – like a spa for taking care of your teeth. I’m very particular about what I want in a dentist, and what I found here was a great diligence of care. There was an instance wherein I had a slight fracture in a tooth, and Doctor Mah presented me with a series of treatment options, which helped me in terms of knowing what to do.”
“I had been 13 years without going to the dentist, and my teeth had suffered a lot for it. Doctor Kelvin relays that feeling of relaxation and he really helps to take away any anxiety you might have. He’s helped me achieve what I came to him for: clean, healthy teeth.”
“I recently had some major work done to my teeth, and I now have a brand new smile. What was wonderful was that everything was explained to me really well in advance: it was a big decision to make, but Doctor Mah walked me through it so nicely.”
HR Manager
“They make you feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed, and welcome you to a space that feels more like a home than a dentist’s office. Doctor Kelvin noticed some damage to one of my teeth and told me that I was grinding them at night – which I somehow didn’t think I was! But after starting to wear the custom mouth guard that he created for me, I can tell that I have noticed an extraordinary improvement.”
“I’ve known Kelvin for over 30 years: he’s a wonderful guy and one of my best friends. I chose him as my dentist because he is great at what he does! He runs a first-class clinic and makes you feel really comfortable. Before meeting him, my teeth were definitely sub-par. He encouraged me to make the right decisions, and as a result of that I’ve now got the best teeth I could possibly have.”
Property Manager