A Beautiful Smile Can be yours

Do you realize that your smile has its own personality, one that should ideally mirror your own? By understanding specific smile characteristics, Dr. Mah can make a smile appear more outgoing or demure, more masculine or feminine, more youthful or mature.

The smallest thing about our smile — a chip on the front tooth, a slightly crooked canine — can affect how often and how sincerely we smile.

Dental veneers enhance the appearance of your teeth in a truly remarkable manner. Veneers are placed over the top of your teeth, gently correcting your smile’s colour, shape or length, or correcting any chips or gaps. If your teeth are in a healthy condition but just not aesthetically at the level you would like, veneers can change that with a simple application of porcelain shells that enhance your appearance.

An awareness of smile design principles is critical in ensuring that your new smile fits “you” and is truly reflective of “you”.

Enrich your life. Give us a call to learn more about dental veneers or book your consultation with renowned artisan dentist, Dr. Kelvin Mah.